El Sistema Turkey

As a part of the international intiative “El Sistema”, the “Music for Peace Foundation”, established in 2005, in Turkey, is focused on a work with children, providing a musical education to them and access to art.

Most of the children, which participate in this program, are unprivileged in the society, possessing different musical talents. The foundation, through musical education, trainings, work with them, gives a chance to children. Using it, they can explore themselves, educate, and feel importance.

The founders of the Foundation are Mehmet Selim Baki and Yeliz Baki. The foundation is located in Edirnekapi, one od the Istanbul’s neighborhoods. The education is also provided in Izmir, Bursa and Buyukada, where the foundation has representative offices.

More than 6000 children, until now, were a part of the program. The foundation had concerts worldwide. They played music in Salzburg, Vienna, Milan and Leipzig.

In the future, the foundation will try to increase a number of children, which participate in the program. Currently, about 400 children are participating. Most of them are between 7 and 20 years old.