Norwegen: das Barrat Due Musikinstitut

God dag,
Jeg introduserer deg i dag til Barrat Due Musikkinstitutt

Ich stelle euch heute das Barrat Due Musikinstitut vor. Es wurde 1927 von der Pianistin Mary Barrat Due und dem Violinisten Henrik Due gegründet und spielt seither eine entscheidende Rolle in der musikalischen Erziehung in Norwegen.

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El Sistema in Sweden

El Sistema in Sweden started in May 2009 with the recently appointed Head Conductor Gustavo Dudamel and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, who travelled to Angered in Gothenburg to give two performances of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the sports hall of Hammarkull School for local children and young people. The concert was a full success and the orchestra received a standing ovation in the end and cheers from the children. Many of them never experienced a concert or even heard classical music before. Dudamel explained the importance of classical music and its role in the development of pop, hard rock, hip hop and performance arts. When the Head of Angered Cultural School, then Camilla Sarner, thanked Dudamel and the Orchestra for their performances, the idea that music could change the day to day lives of families living in deprived areas was born.

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