“Orchestra Geração” – a significant El Sistema-Program in Portugal

The “Orchestra Geração” is a project of social intervention through music and is based on the El Sistema approach. It was founded in 2007 in a school in the city of Amadora, near Lisbon. In the beginning 15 children formed the Orchestra. Now, over a thousand children are part of the Orchestra, which extends over 22 schools.

Who can join the Orchestra?

The Orchestra Geração works with children from Kindergarden on till University. Its members mainly come from economically distressed areas with high unemployment rates and instable family structures. To enter the Orchestra, no musical skills whatsoever are required.

Where does the Orchestra perform?

As the Orchestra Geração is considered one of the best and most prestigious social projects throughout Portugal, it often performs at important events in Portugal´s political, cultural and economic field, such as the official commemorations of Portugal´s entry into the European Union or the Champions League Final in Lisbon.

What is the goal of the Orchestra Geração?

The project aims to give the participating children a stable social environment although they come from difficult family and social backgrounds. The Orchestra helps to prevent children from dropping out of school and/or giving in to the temptation of drugs by making sure that they have something to do in their spare time. Also, the extensive music practice helps children to enhance their concentration capacity, which in turn leads to better outcomes in school. Furthermore, the project gives rise to the children´s self-esteem by giving them a feeling of success. It also helps the children to gain respect for one another and to form team spirit.