El Sistema Greece

The goal of El Sistema in Greece is to promote the social inclusion of refugee children in Greek/European society. By teaching them music, they are not only inspired to strive for a better future, but music provides the platform for dialogue and togetherness across diverse communities.

After weeks or months without general education, the refugee children will find an educational programme designed to:

Develop memorisation skills
Develop language skills
Learn music
Understand others
Work in teams
Face public performance without fear
Recognise and feel self-pride

During the first year of El Sistema Greece, in 2016, 380 hours of choir and violin classes were offered. In 2017, already 1,099 hours of choir, violin, cello and viola classes could take place. In 2018, lessons for trumpet were added, clarinet and percussion to the weekly schedule for a total of 1,331 hours in the year. Over 1,250 children and youth between the ages of 5 and 26 have had access to El Sistema tuition since the programme started.